[VIDEO] International Art School, Hidden Gem for a Small Town

Since 1997, the Blair School of Art has been teaching students how to create photorealistic paintings through airbrush. The campus is located in Blair, South Carolina and offers students an intensive program in a distraction-free environment. The students who enroll in the classes are from all over the world.

Dru Blair, the school’s founder, explains, “Photorealistic means you are creating a painting that is virtually indistinguishable from a photograph.” According to Web Urbanist, “His (Dru Blair’s) amazing airbrush art has been featured in hundreds of advertisements, magazines and book covers. Aviation art is a favorite subject for the artist, and his first aviation painting, 'Power,' is the highest selling aviation print in the world.”

Find examples of Dru Blair's photo-realistic art, along with other artists on 40 Mind Blowing Photorealistic Paintings.

To learn more about the school, visit the Blair School of Art.