[VIDEO] Parents As Teachers--Guiding Families to a Positive Future

is a home visiting model that meets the evolving needs of families. PAT works with families with young children to help them grow up healthy, safe and ready to learn. In this video, parent educators and parents talk about the program and how important it is to the children, families and to the future of South Carolina.

In the program, parent educators visit homes to work with parents one-on-one in their own environment. “With Parents as Teachers, the program is very individualized, so we meet the needs of the families because they're so diverse. We work together as partners to plan each visit,” comments Missy Martin, Parent Educator.

“The goal is to help the parents understand child development, as well as good parenting practice, all in the hopes of getting their children ready for school,” says Mary Anne Matthews, Director of Parenting Programs with First Steps. Matthews continues, “Often, if there’s a problem with getting food on the table, the last thing the parent can think about is whether their child is getting a book read to them every night or thinking about their development. PAT tries to address both issues."