Governor Haley Pitches Education Reform


One day before the new legislative session starts, Governor Nikki Haley has proposed a budget that focuses on changes in education. Some of those proposed changes are new education programs aimed at low-income children and those learning to speak English.

According to the , “The three major initiatives in what she called the first of a multi-year effort would spend more on poor students, hire reading coaches in schools, and improve Internet access to schools and technology inside.”

Her plan would provide an extra $97 million in funding for schools in the poorest school districts. says, “The plan would revise the formula that allocates state education dollars to give an edge to districts with high levels of students eligible for either Medicaid or free or reduced-price lunches, two leading indicators of childhood poverty.”

Several education groups told The State newspaper they were cautiously optimistic, though they said they needed to review details before rendering a final verdict. State Sen. Vincent Sheheen (D), Haley’s likely opponent in her bid for a second term, has also made education reform a top priority.